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5/5 Stars: "Very helpful and lovely staff who are very knowledgeable in their craft." -Gina P (4/21/16)

5/5 Stars: "I have had a fantastic experience with Accelerate Health! Everyone was friendly, knowledgable, and professional - and understood my goal was to get out doing what I love as fast as possible. I love working with them and look forward to my visits." -Maggie L (4/5/16)

5/5 Stars: "I am a personal trainer and have been to many massage therapists over the years, so I have had several good therapists work with me and my clients - but none have been as wonderful, attentive and thorough as Holly at Accelerate health. I went in for a deep tissue massage and expressed some concern for some plantar issues, IT band tightness and strain in lats - Holly was able to pinpoint each issue and help resolve them. I have been going back every other week for maintenance :) and send all my clients to her. Highly recommended! The rest of the staff at Accelerate Health are top notch as well. Very nice atmosphere and pleasure to work with." -Sean S (3/21/16)

5/5 Stars:"I recently went in for shoulder injury, and Dr. Krause did a thorough exam and determined a diagnosis pretty quickly. She asked a lot of questions, and it felt like there was a lot of progress in just a single session. After some stretches and work on the shoulder, there was immediate improvement. This clinic also got me in for an appointment within 24 hours, so I highly recommend Accelerate Health." -Matt T (3/16/16)

5/5 Stars: "Michelle Spencer is a wonderful massage therapist. She helped break up many knots that I had accumulated over time from sitting at a desk. I left on cloud-9. Thank you!" -Erin W (3/3/16)

5/5 Stars: "Fantastic place and very helpful. Good practical advice and care." -Lindsay D (2/15/16)

5/5 Stars: "Dr. Krause helped me with several treatments on my IT band and provided me with several stretches so that I can hopefully be back to running soon." -Adam K (2/11/16)

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